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Advantages and Disadvantages

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Some advantages of hydrogen fuel are:
  1. It is the only clean fuel
  2. It produces water
  3. It is not toxic and doesn't contribute to the Greenhouse Effect, Ozone depletion or acid rain
  4. It is abundant
  5. Its used to store energy
  6. It produces great amounts of heat
  7. It's less expensive to move hydrogen in a pipeline then electircal energy
  8. When hydrogen is mixed with oxygen it makes 9 times the amount in clean, potable water
  9. It is safer then gas and diesel
Some disadvantages are:
  1. It doesn't usually come alone
  2. Can't be used as a primary energy source
  3. It takes more energy to make it than it does to use it
  4. It is very flammable

Hydrogen is very dangerous because it is so flammable, metallic alloying storage is a solution to this problem. Fe + Ti act as a sponge in the combination with H2, this produces a fine dust which helps H2 be released safely.

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